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Understanding Kenlux&Lumbrite
Sales service
Our brand sales team is committed to solving various problems in the application of lighting technology. Starting from our own expertise and experience, we continuously verify and provide the most cost-effective supply solutions through product customization design, environmental lighting application simulation, light efficiency standards, dimming measurement and other work details. We fully cooperate with the supply to complete the project.
Overall supply solution
Customized supply of a single product  Lighting deepening services  Sales consultant services
Supply service process
Pre sales: Communicate and discuss standard requirements for product supply with customers, conduct predictive analysis, and establish the direction of product supply work.
Budget quotation: Based on the project cost budget, provide product supply technical information and prices for reference.
Supply deepening stage: Provide lighting deepening services, technical specifications for supplied products, and actual measurement of product dimming matching.
Lighting implementation: Communicate with the project team about the technical details of lighting implementation, disclose lighting technical information, and cooperate with on-site lighting debugging.
After sales service: Provide project product maintenance manuals and 24-hour response after-sales service.

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