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About Us
Jiangmen Toumom Electrical Co., Limited (Kenlux & Lumbrite), established in 2023, is one of the leading enterprises in lighting industry. Our company is constantly expanding its sales network, both in China and abroad, expanding its business in oversea markets. Our wide range of products is available in over 20 countries. We provide our customers with a vast array of lighting solutions, which can be divided into several product groups: LED Outdoor light, LED Downlight, LED Panel light, LED Bulb, LED Grille light, LED Strip light, LED Flood light. There are over 1,000 items available for Kenlux & Lumbrite in total.

Innovation and functionality are always considered by introducing new products into the market. We take into account efficiency and lifetime of different products to solve the needs of our users’ everyday life best. We constantly follow the world trends and modern technologies, and our newly introduced products are subject to strict testing procedures in our test lab, equipped with the latest measuring devices, as well as at external facilities. The variety of modern solutions, after having been verified, is implemented within the investment products and products for home use, exactly as our saying: Quality Light, Lumbrite!

As a company operating in global markets, according to the motto "... more than light". Kenlux & Lumbrite is involved in pursuing the policies of responsible practices and green business. It means that we are following the applicable standards and legal regulations in the countries, where they are in force, adhering to the environmental procedures at the same time. Moreover, we introduce measures to provide our employees with the highest standards of work and the possibility of continuous personal and professional development.

Thanks to well-organized logistics system online store, Kenlux & Lumbrite products can be delivered to our customers across the country in less than 120 hours. The orders are processed by the central warehouse in Jiangmen, China. In addition, Kenlux & Lumbrite guarantees the after-sales service to our Customers, providing seamless opportunity to lodge a complaint or obtain a refund for products.

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